Upper Cumberland TN Reconnect

The Upper Cumberland TN Reconnect is a program under the umbrella of the Workforce Development & Education divison of the Highlands Economic Partnership.  Economic Development stands at the center of efforts to raise per capita income, reduce poverty, decrease unemployment and improve the quality of life across the Upper Cumberland.  The UC Tennessee Reconnect Community is an economic development catalyst partnering with local government, business, and higher education institutions to grow a stronger, more viable, educated workforce for all counties of the Highlands region.

UCTRC provides third party neutral college and career advising to adults across the Upper Cumberland who either have some college but no degree or who never began college.  UCTRC utilizes a wide variety of methods to reach adults to offer services that will assist their return to and through college completion with the ultimate goal of increasing the population of citizens prepared to meet employer needs. 

To visit the UCTRC website to get more info, or to get started on your reconnect journey, click here

Our Advisory Board:
Lillian Hartgrove
Highlands Economic Partnership
Vice President
Workforce Development and Education
Tom Brewer
Tennessee Technological University
Associate Vice President
Research and Economic Development
Myra West
Tennessee College of Applied Technology
Livingston Campus
Mark Farley
Upper Cumberland Development District
Executive Director
Becky Hull
Cookeville Higher Education Campus
Executive Director
CHEC Administrative Services