Tennessee Scholars

The Tennessee Scholars Program is a joint effort of school districts, local chambers of commerce and the business community.  The program includes a rigorous course of study that encourages students to take more demanding classes in high school, obtain a 95% attendance record, and volunteer 80 hours of community service in their four years of high school. The curriculum provides an education that better prepares students to enter a technical school, post-secondary education, a university, or the workforce.  
Business professionals introduce the program to 8th grade students to begin the process of planning for high school and to encourage participation in the Tennessee Scholars Program. Business professional are also tapped to speak with 9th grade students and their parents during 9th grade orientation.  
The number of students graduating as a TN Scholar continues to increase each year, having a long term impact on student success in college and the workplace.
For additional information on the TN Scholars Program, please contact Kaitlin Salyer.