Target Industries

The Highlands Economic Partnership has identified the following target industries for the region. These Industries were selected as prime opportunities for the area, based on our workforce development strategies, logistical advantage, and business-friendly environment.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing today is a high-tech endeavor that requires innovative ideas and the flexibility to use those innovations in both the product and the process. By combining the advances of technology at TTU with our skilled and stable workforce, and the Highlands will have a competitive advantage in a diversified market. Having been incorporated into the Highlands Workforce Development and Education’s Pathways to Prosperity, the Highlands is working to ensure the availability of highly skilled workers in the field of Advanced Manufacturing.

Healthcare and Medical Devices

Health Sciences is another Pathway that is a part of the Highlands Workforce Development and Education program. Healthcare and Medical Devices represents the cluster with the most potential to capitalize on the work being done in preparing available skilled workers to the field. In Middle Tennessee alone, the healthcare industry contributes an overall economic benefit of nearly $30 billion and more than 200,000 jobs to the local economy every year. Tennessee ranks second in the nation in exports of medical equipment and supplies, with a total of $3.6 billion in 2013.

Automotive Suppliers

Automotive suppliers are often divided into levels or tiers.  Tier 1 suppliers provide full design and engineering support and such suppliers provide parts and components to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of automobiles such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.  Tier 2 suppliers manufacture components to defined specifications, and Tier 3 suppliers provide raw materials, material fabrication and other parts. 2005-2013, the Highlands lost a net of 1,145 automotive jobs. The projected growth of the industry, combined with the region’s specialization make the automotive sector a unique opportunity to expand on an existing area of strength throughout the region.

Information Technology and Analytical Instruments

From 2005-2014, the Highlands lost a net of 325 Information Technology and Analytical Instruments jobs. The projected growth in the industry, combined with previously underutilized assets such as TTU, presents the Highlands with a unique opportunity to expand upon a growing specialization