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March 16, 2017
JOB POSTING: Workforce Development and Education Coordinator


Job Description


Position: Workforce Development and Education Coordinator            




Reports to: Lillian Hartgrove


Reports to Incumbent: None




The primary responsibilities of this position is to oversee various workforce development and education programs and manage the administrative aspects of each program developed by the Highlands Workforce Development and Education Steering in conjunction with the Vice President of Workforce Development and Education. 


  • Work directly with the all partners and stakeholder groups who play a critical role in the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of this important Program of Work.  This includes but is not limited to K-12 Educators, Higher Education leaders, Business Leaders, Career Centers, Chamber of Commerce leadership and members, the Highlands Steering Committee members, TN Department of Education and Jobs for the Future.
  • Coordinate meetings for the Workforce Development and Education Committee.  This includes developing meeting agendas for approval by Committee Chair and Vice President; ensure meeting notifications are sent; and assist the Vice President with oversight of all committee in the accomplishment of goals and objectives.
  • Coordinate the Speakers Program by serving as the liaison between the School Districts and the designated speakers.  Communicate expectations to speakers on school standards for topics chosen. Assist schools in ensuring speakers are linking their speaking topic to core curricula and standards. Maintain frequent contact with existing speakers and continue to add new speakers as circumstances warrant. 
  • Maintain committee roster, ensure minutes are taken, document goals and objectives and verify that actions items are implemented for all committee and sub-committees.
  • Coordinate Parental Engagement Sub-committee activities jointly with Committee Chair.  Assist Chair in meeting schedule, location, agenda and ensuring work is on track with stated goals.
  • Oversee Tennessee Scholars Program with Workforce Development and Education Liaisons.  Maintain inventory of recognition medals awarded to scholars and any other recognition program identified by the Committee.
  • Ensure agreed upon goals and action items are in compliance with grants.
  • Submit required quarterly grant reports to Chamber CFO or as directed by a specific grant.


Additional Responsibilities:  Oversight for Health and Wellness Program of Work, which includes but is not limited to managing the Highlands Fitness Challenge event. 



Skills/Qualifications Required:


  1. BA or BS Degree in Business or Education preferred


  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills


  1. Strong organizational skills


  1. Excellent interpersonal skills


  1. Project Management skills


  1. Time Management skills


  1. Team player


  1. Computer skills (Microsoft Office Suite of Products)


  1. Flexible, self-starter with a strong work ethic



If interested, please send an email to or call 931-526-2211