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Highlands Fitness Challenge

The Highlands Fitness Challenge is a program of the Highlands Economic Partnership that aims to help local businesses and organizations cultivate a healthy and fit workforce through an annual competition in Jackson, Overton, Putnam and White Counties. The Highlands Fitness Challenge Committee, comprised of leaders from each county, has had huge success promoting healthy lifestyles among Highlands businesses and organizations, demonstrating that health and wellness affect workforce productivity since 2011. The challenge has received state recognition earning the Governor’s Shining Star Award for efforts to encourage fitness and wellness in the workplace.
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Highlands Fitness Challenge Winners

  • First Individual - Donny Manning
    First Individual - Donny Manning
  • First Place Team - Eaton Corporation
    First Place Team - Eaton Corporation
  • Second Place Team - Health Department
    Second Place Team - Health Department
  • Third Place Team - Chamber of Commerce
    Third Place Team - Chamber of Commerce


Tracking daily health activities using

Areas to track:
Servings of fruits and vegetables
Water intake
Minutes of movement and muscular strength activities.

Daily tracking takes no more than 2-3 minutes.


Businesses, churches, families, and organizations create teams and teams earn points from members tracking health activities. You can view team rankings and progress throughout the challenge. Team members encourage each other and promote their team. You can access resources such as health tips, food journaling and more at

Roles (sample)

Team Captains are responsible for recruiting team members. Team Members are responsible for entering their physical activity.


The Get Fit Highlands Challenge started Fall 2011 with 1,200 participants. Due to its initial success the challenge continues each year. It was also the winner of Governor’s Shining Star Award.

Wellness Committees

Health Marketing & Resources Inventory Sub-Committee

A subcommittee comprised of the major hospitals in the region meant to address the following goal and objective:

  • Goal: Every citizen of the Highlands should have access to quality health care.
  • Objective: Market and promote the health resources available in the region.
Health & Wellness Education Sub-Committee

This committee was formed in the fall of 2012 after feedback from a health committee planning session. The committee was formed to focus on healthcare education for children and adults. The committee chair is Jim Kennedy, a local business leader. Members include representatives from local school systems, business and industry and Tennessee Technological University.

The committee is not intended to change current programs within the school system or to engage in political debate regarding what is happening within the school districts. The goal is to address gaps that may exist and to find meaningful ways to compliment/support schools and industry in the health education of students and the workforce.