Family Engagement/Life 101

What are Family Engagement & Life 101 sessions?
Family Engagement/Life 101 is a partnership program between emplyers and the Highlands Economic Partnership's Family Engagement Committee. Various session topics are offered to assist parents and guardians of school-age children address the issues their student(s) may face in school. These partnerships share responsibility for the well-being of children through schools, parents and the business community.

How do these sessions benefit employers and their employees?
Family Engagement/Life 101 sessions have strengthened employer/employee relationships in companies offering the program. Sessions build teamwork among co-workers beyond traditional methods. Offering programs to assist parents/guardians with their school-age children is a step toward building a stronger future workforce. Employees see the company cares about their family which creates stronger work ethic and morale and encourages more employee engagement in the company. 

Sample Topics:

Responding to Your Child's Personality Peer Pressure
Bullying ADD & ADHD
Self Esteem Learning Styles
Consequences: Logical/Natural Goal Setting
Communication Stress Reduction
Trophy Parenting Fitness and Nutrition
Respect Reading and Math Standards
Drugs and Risky Behavior Understanding Test Scores
Teen Trends Pathways to Prosperity
Optimistic Child TN Scholars
Anger Management TN Promise
Family Dynamics: Blended/Single TN Reconnect
Internet Security Scholarships
Social Media Post-Secondary Education
Coping with a Teen Breakup Finance
Mean Girls WCTE Ready To Learn

For more information, contact Kathy Bain.